HISTORY of Auberge Beauséjour told by Pierre Tremblay, owner

Hotel Cimon was built in 1911 at the foot of the “Côte de la misère” (Misery Hill) by Mr Eugène Cimon.  Following the earthquake that shook the area in 1925, he decided to relocate the hotel to its current location.

My father bought the building from Eugène Cimon in 1945.  With my mother, Georgette, they modernized it over the years by adding 6 motel units and a saltwater pool; they also made some enlargements.  My 4 brothers, my 2 sisters and I grew up in the hotel.

Meanwhile, 2 children came to embellish our life: Antoine (1983) and Camille (1988).  In 1989, we moved into our own house… and, with time, our family got bigger with the arrival of Karine, Antoine’s partner and their daughters, Chloé (2009) and Lily-Rose (2011) and the arrival of Alex, Camille’s boyfriend.  We are pleased to have our children living in the area… You can hear our granddaughters, who often visit us, laughing and running.

In 2013, an opportunity arose and the motel grounds, the motels and the pool were sold. We now have a beautiful inn with 19 rooms of which we are very proud!